Saturday, 6 June 2015

Learning New Languages!

Starting from today, i am going to independently learn japanese and korean! But, i have to also study my french, german, chinese and english. I may be weird, but i love learning new languages :)
My daily Plan:
             Monday            Tuesday            Wednesday         Thursday         Friday
7;00      Wake up           Wake up            Wake up            Wake up          Wake up
8;15      school              school                school               school             school
3;10     end school         end school          school               school              end school
4;00     practice            practice              practice            practice           practice
5;00    // (same)
6;00     //
7;00     dinner              dinner                dinner              dinner              dinner
8;00  get ready for bed!------------------------------------------------------------------------------
9:00   homework time!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
9;30   Any language of choice-----------------------------------------------------------------------
10:30 sleep-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Saturday and sunday is an easy-going day! but, the plan may change if i have performances, viola lessons or any concerts to attend :/ Good luck to me to learn 2 more extra languages!